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  • I have a "mini bonfire" on my plot that was planned for hogs to hibernate in.  I've never disturbed it so have no idea if it's used or not.  It's right in the dingy corner mind you so they could be having all kinds of booze fuelled parties and I would be none the wiser.

  • I bought a hogilow that was shown on Autumnwatch last year. In the first year I had nothing. However this year i moved the box and I now have a little visitor all tucked uoimage  so pleased. I also have a massive pile of logs after removing a rather large Leylandii hedge. Hopefully I'll have hedgehogs in there too


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    Great news Michelle.  Anything we can do to try and increase hogs is good news.

  • The majority of hedgehog rescues will encourage you to supply fresh  water and food at all times. Even when a hedgehog has started to hibernate (and they dont all do this) they can wake periodically and waste valuable energy looking for food. I tend to stop putting cat food out once i notice the lack of visitors but i then put dry cat biscuits out instead as these can be left for a couple of days if uneaten.....i then trow them on the lawn for the birds to finish off.  

  • I am still putting out hedgehog food nightly. My hedgehogs show no sign of hibernating! The bowl is empty each morning.

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    We had a hedgehog hibernating in our compost bin last year and I'm not sure whether he has taken up residence again. I thought about putting food out but we have had a problem with rats before and I don't want to encourage them again. What can you do about that problem?

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    If it helps here are my plans....


     Have Fun!!



  • Hello, I've set aside an old bucket under a pile of twigs and next to some straw. However, I am renovating the garden and would like to keep working over winter on various projects. How far from, or close to, the hedgehog house can I work and how do I tell if anyone has moved in? Thanks

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    We renovated our garden around a hibernating hedgehog and didn't know it was there until we nearly stepped on it.  After that we made sure we didn't disturb that patch but new fences (with hedgehog gates of course) were erected and other stuff was done around there - that was 3 winters ago and the hedgehogs are still around. 

    Each winter, as well as having several hedgehog houses we have piles of logs, leaves, twigs, runner bean haulms etc stacked up in corners of the garden - we don't know if they're used until late spring when hibernation is over and we clean them out  - it's not a good idea to disturb them so we treat each area as if there's a hedgehog in it - at the moment they're visiting regularly and feeding every evening - even waking us up at 4am pushing a dish around on the terrace!

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  • Sounds like they'll sleep through anything then. I really hope they do come but the garden has breeze block walls. There is one gap that I'm going to preserve. i think I might start trying the cat's food (she's deaf, therefore indoors) as a lure.

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