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     camera Ricoh model Caplio r7

    focal length 5.4mm

    white balance Auto

    aperture 3.6

    exposure time 1/714

    ISO 100

    its looks as if i know what im talking about not true this is the information the tablet flags up about each picture i load onto it

    i do have another camera with a tripod that belonged to my brother in law i will post deails at a later date. i use the caplio a lot because it has two personal setting options and i have one set for macro and the other for more distant pics and they are both set to take small images so i can post on here.

    i also take pics on phone and tablet, thats enough for nowimage

  • Busy-Lizzie wrote (see)

    I'm never really quite sure what makes a photo special. I have a little Canon Ixus which I just put on automatic and I point it at scenes I like, or family - whatever I would like to have a memory of. Photos like this one of where we stayed in the Gorges du Tarn.



     Lizzie - I would say that this is an excellent photo.

    You ask 'what makes a photo special. Well, IMHO if it pleases the person taking it, then it is special. However.I do know a few things that judges look for when judging competitions.

    You may find googling 'rule of thirds' will be helpful.

    In the rule of thirds, photos are divided into thirds with two imaginary lines vertically and two lines horizontally making three columns, three rows, and nine sections in the images. Important compositional elements and leading lines are placed on or near the imaginary lines and where the lines intersect.



  • This pic was taken just as dawn was breaking on a beautiful summer's day.


  • archiepemarchiepem Posts: 1,155


     christchurch oxford

  • Beautiful picture, archiepem........nice composition too.

  • Forester2Forester2 Posts: 1,477

    Beautiful photo David - that's the best time to get a good shot before everyone else has woken up.

    Same again archiepem - it's amazing how much better it looks when you click on the picture to increase the size.   

  • Wonderful photos and comments.

  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916

    I don't even remember which camera we had for my pictures. In all honesty I just point & click. If they turn out okay great. Not much of a photographer, and def' no artistic should see the ones of people, no heads, you have to recognise their clothes.

    Lovely pics on here, really enjoying this thread.

  • What a wonderful thread. Thank you David.

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