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I have a circular water feature which is 7 inches deep and about 30 inches wide. Frogs love it and live in it all year round, I have tried growing pond weed in it to try to keep the water clear but it still goes green. I don't want to use anything which will harm the frogs, but would dearly love the water to be clearer. Are there any water plants which would grow happily in such shallow water and would help to oxygenate the water and stop it going green?


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    Hi Dizzy, if it receives a lot of sunlight, try growing things around it which overhang and will give it shade.  The green is algae and the more sunlight it gets the worse it becomes.  Also never use tap water to top it up as that contains a lot of nitrates which encourages algae to grow more.  A bunch of barley tied together with string is often reported to help clear it up (this can be bought from GCs these days), but unless you want to keep replacing the barley, shade is likely a better long-term solution.

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  • Thanks Bob, it is in the sun on my patio, so maybe I need to resite it. I'll look into getting some barley straw too.

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    Try pets at home for straw

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    Hi Dahlia- as Bob has said some planting  and siting it in a better location it will really help. image 

    It's the shallowness of the water that causes the problem as it will heat up quickly and this gives the algae the conditions it needs to thrive. I've had great success with watercress in ponds as it takes up the nutrients in the water that these algaes feed on. Easy to remove if it gets too big. You just chuck a bit in!

  • Thanks Fleurisa and Fairygirl, I'll give those ideas a try.

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