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Talkback: How to lay lawn turf

I have a very uneven lawn. I am thinking of using a glyosphate weedkiller to till the existing lawn and weeds, then rotovate the area, level it and then lay new turf. Would this work? And how long do I need to leave between using the glyosphate and laying the new turf? Any responses would be gratefully received.


  • I have laid new turf lawn, it is only seven days ago, it is groing very rapidly, is it too soon to mow it.
  • Dear Adam
    I wish to lay turf up to a patio or drive on two sides,
    to join up with existing grass and up to a fence on the 4th side.
    Should i allow 4 the thickness of the turf when making my levels of soil or make it level with the patio and then lay the turf on top.
    Many thanks

  • Thanks for this brief and informative post! If I may add, the type of grass used will also affect the entire growth process. it might be best to consider one that fits your area in terms of climate, soil type and maintenance requirements. You can find the right turf through this helpful link:
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