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Hi guys. Last summer i had a huge amount of caterpillars feeding on my spring cabbages. There easily could of been hundreds of them. But i just want to know a few ways to prevent butterflies laying there eggs in my garden (except for not planting floweres as i dont anywhere near them) or/and ways to get rid of them ORGANICALLY if they do decide to feed on my vegetables. The strange thing about this is they even ate the leaves of my rhubarb as i have heard to be poisonous. A reply would be very apreiciated image


  • If you want to stop butterflies landing on your plants a good net to cover them may be a good idea.imageOr, you could try adding Butterfly food else where in the garden to bring the Butterflies away from the plants.image.

  • The net might be the best idea because my garden isnt that big. Thank you image

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