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I have just recieved my order for Buddleia flower power i placed several months ago, i was advised that October/November was the correct time for planting, just wanted to check if this is correct?

The plants have been delivered in approx 1 litre pots and are about 1.5-2 feet high, rather spindly but i supose that is what is to be expected when buying a young plant (not plug)

I have 3 plants so could mix when/where they are planted.  I intend to have one in a container permently and another in a border, unsure on location for the third yet.




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    Well your post has truly depressed me Andy,

    ...as this morning I was pruning my Buddleia and I just saw all that waste so I have just taken 15 Buddleia cuttings and I see that yours are 2 feet high...So as usual I am too late me thinks..

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    Yes, now is good for planting.

    Carmic, I don't understand what you think you are too late for?

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    Thanks for info on planting out, Carmic, i am not sure if cuttings is an issue, leave them alone and see if they take image

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    I am a true novice at this flower gardening stuff...

    ...but I just could not abide all that waste when I had pruned the Buddleia...

    ... so I took about 15 Buddleia cuttings from the shoots that had not flowered and then I have put them inside one of the stand up plastic balcony greenhouses which I have put inside the house by a south facing french door...

    ...so when I read that Andys were already 2 foot tall I thought maybe I had wasted my time effort and inclination...whilst I was on with it I took 15 Pinks cuttings and the same number of Hydrangea cuttings as well...

    ooops I seemed to have hijacked Andys thread...sorry Andy...not a good idea for a newbie...double sorry Andy...


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    If they strike, you have new plants, If they don't all you have wasted is a bit of compost and some space.  Chances are, with buddlejas, if you leave them until spring when they start growing, you will have more than you need, and be giving them away.

    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.
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    I have just taken over a brand new 1 acre garden which has absolutely nothing in it(formally a field) so I need as much as I can get started...my budget is limited but i do have access to another garden for cuttings etc

  • just keep them for next year,they are tough cookies and take alot,you can grow them from a cutting or simply a stick,I have done that for years,and got lovely varieties for nothing from a simple twig/stick.so keep them and dont worry they will be there next summer flowering.image

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