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Brussel Sprouts

I'm growing brussel sprouts for the first time, should I remove the lower leaves and if so when?


  • you can remove one or two as you pick from the bottom and if there are any starting to go yellow but dont remove too many we had our first ones for tea yesterday 

  • PentilliePentillie Posts: 411

    As you remove lower leaves, be aware that with the sprouts themselves continuing to grow, the plant could become top-heavy, and get pushed over in strong winds. If this looks likely, stake and tie any plants that seem at risk.

    Had my first sprouts nearly four weeks ago - at the rate they're growing I will be lucky to have any at Christmas! Mine are probably so advanced because I repotted the seedlings several times, and left them in the greenhouse - they were big,healthy plants went they finally went into the ground, but it just reminds me that sowing and planting out needs a fine balancing act, and this time I probably jumped the gun a little - but so what, I'm eating them, and they taste good - and that's what it's all about!

    Good luck with yours Chrinnie.

  • hi pentillie i think mine are late because of a lack of water but we are on a private supply and if we have prolonged spells of dry weather and our waterbutts are empty i cant use so much in the garden so things just have to take there chances most things catch up and i havnt lost anything this year image yet 

    they might drown now 

  • i forgot to say when i plant my brassicas i plant deep and next to the sprouts i put a cane with a small empty plastic bottle on top so i dont poke my eye out and if i need to tie them up its easy but most times they seem happy just lean on the cane 

  • Thank you very much the replies have been very helpful, I didn't even realise that they might be ready to eat now. I shall have to try some soon! The only real problem I had was controlling the cabbage white butterflies and I was continually swiping them away and removing the eggs/caterpillars! Never mind it doesn't seem to have caused any lasting damage to the sprouts themselves.

  • i net all my brassicas chrinnie


     hoops are made from water pipe the netting is scaffolding net it isnt very elegant but is effective, enjoy your sprouts

  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    Best eaten after a frost.  Unless, of course they are an early variety. The frost will also get rid of caterpillars.

  • WILL 3WILL 3 Posts: 2

    Ihave very little leaves left on my sprouts due to caterpillars that I  constantly picking off but the sprouts are still growing and dont seem to be damaged and no apparent restriction

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