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fruit cage advice please


am considering getting a fruit cage for the lottie, and looking at a few websites I'm wondering- do you leave them up permanently or dismantle to store for winter once cropping is finished? How long would you expect it to last if left out all year? I've seen some advertised that are galvanised steel, others galvanised aluminium, powder coated.... 

the main dictate will be price, but i'd be keen to hear your views and advice.image


  • GillyLGillyL Posts: 1,077

    My neighbours fruit cage is about 7 years old,it is made of alluminium and stays up permanently.I,ve noticed some have 10 year gurantees ,so that should give a clue to how long they are expected to last.

  • Forester2Forester2 Posts: 1,477

    I've had mine for 30 years and my Dad had it before that so I think it must be over 40 years old.  I leave it up on my allotment.  I have had to renew the netting once.  Hope that helps you.

  • Forester2Forester2 Posts: 1,477

    I've just looked up the details of the cage my Dad gave me and it was an Agriframe.  I think they are quite expensive but as you can see by my previous comment above it has lasted a very long time and looks like it will go on a lot longer.

  • If you buy a steel one it will need to be painted every year.  Aluminium will last forever - like greenhouses - but are expensive.

    One of the blokes on our plot used white plastic pipes with 90degree joints and some netting.  Looked a bit like this:

    It works really well and will likely last many, many years.  I'm so jealous I'm thinking of building one next year instead of my usual bamboo canes and "build a balls" effort.




  • thank you all so much for your advice... I hadn't realised steel would need repainting- thought it might be worth getting as the stronger option. I think I will probably go for the aluminium one, much as I'd like to think I'd fashion something myself out of pipe, bits of wood/ wire/ net etc., if I can afford it I’ll go for the easier option. not sure my DIY skills are quite up to building my own.

    Thanks again as always- advice & sharing of expertise and experiences on this forum is always kind and very much welcomed.


  • We have an aluminium fruit cage on the allotment (supplied by Two Wests) and it has lasted well.  One tip - make sure that the roof is removable - we have configured ours so that the net has a long batten at each end, it can be rolled up and taken off over winter, otherwise too much snow on the roof netting makes the whole thing sag and distorts the whole fruit cage.  You need to attach the roof netting with a few zippies but they are easy to cut/remove to take the netting off.

  • good point- many thanks Lesley

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