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Overgrown fig tree

Hi all, I hope you can help!

In late 2010 we moved into our current property, which has a large fig tree in the bottom of the garden. Whilst it is an attractive plant, it currently stands at approximately 15ft tall, and probably 10ft spread, and is blocking a lot of light to the rest of the garden. From reading up on fig plants, I can see that they are very vigourous growers, and so should be cut back hard each season to maintain their shape/size (most figs are bushes rather than trees?) The previous owner was not a keen gardener and I suspect has not pruned the tree for many years!

Given this, my question is really whether a fig tree could withstand an extremely hard prune (i.e. virtually back to a stump), so that we can bring it back under control? Whilst last season was a little tough on most fruit/veggies, we got no viable figs from the plant last year (too small), so currently it is serving no real purpose (other than looking nice)!

Your thoughts would be much appreciated!

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