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Talkback: How to lay turf

Really helpful video thanks. Monty uses compost during ground prep - I am starting from scratch with a 30'x15' area for lawn & beds (chalky soil, Winchester, Hants – any tips on material?) Do I need as much compost to improve the ground for turfing as I do for beds? Can I just topsoil the lawn area or as I’m digging over the whole garden, is this a golden chance to improve all the soil? The bigger dilemma may be keeping my 4 year old daughter off the grass for 3 weeks...! Thank you.


  • I had a company come and lay new turf yesterday. They were meant to rotavate the existing lawn, level it off as the old lawn was very bumby, put topsoil on and lay the new turf. All they've done is poured 2 cubic meters of topsoil (it's a 54m.sq. garden) on top of the existing lawn (which was a mess, overgrown with bold patches in places) and then laid the new turf on top. I never had a garden before and this is my first turfing experience but am right in saying that this was not done correctly?
  • i have just moved in to a new house and they have layed a new lawn badly i must say but we are suffering from midges and mosquitos could this be caused to the type of turf or the damp ground is there any way of getting rid of them?
  • Here's a good resource for laying turf from this website - DB Landscaping
  • Really helpful video on how to lay turf in the correct way. I have had quite a bit of experience in gardening so I myself know the importance of laying turf in the correct manner. This video is really useful for people who are laying turf for their first or second time. I also found some great tips on laying turf and looking after it on the following website - I think these tips will be really useful for anyone interested in learning more about turf and gardening.
  • tanyamason,

    When you say they were 'meant to' do this and that, was that what you agreed with them? In other words, have they charged you for three times as much work as they've actually done?


  • Great video guide to turf laying guys! We will be pointing our customers in the direction of this page from now on.. if you need to work out how much turf you need we have an turf calculator.

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