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Talkback: New Year resolutions for the garden

A small tree for year round interest, James? Cornus officinalis gets my vote, having admired it all year in the Bristol University Botanic Garden. Such a neat tree with orange blossom all over in the spring and beautiful berries in the autumn. Oh dear, no tool bar to put in italics!!


  • oldchippyoldchippy Posts: 244
    Our local council have been planting tree's on the grass verge, The tree's planted with just a stake seam to be standing the strong wind's we have been getting this week better than the tree's planted in plastic tube's,The stake's are either to short or not driven in the ground deep enough as they look as if they have been to good new year's eve party.
    I too feel like digging out and starting again, but time and funds are not on my side. Last summer was not good for me and the garden as we had a very boisterous dog and a bird loving cat staying with us for the whole summer ! I also was unwell for a time and the garden was neglected. This year will be different. I intend to be out there as much as I can and use the secateurs more. I dont help plants by not cutting back as much as I should.
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