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Reclaiming a very over run garden

image me too! not so sure where to start ...the 150ft of laurel hedges that need thinning down from 3- 4 mtrs high and 3meters wide.... or the terraced flower gardens that have completely overgrown or the rhodedenrons which are massively overgrown 2meters high 4meters wide... or putting up a fence and front gate...hmmmmm

think I may have bitten off more than I can chew image


  • slowly slowly is the best way start with the bits you will get most fun out of, the terraced flower gardens would be my choice.

    get yourself a long cane place it a foot from the borders edge either vertical or horizontal and work in this area until it's tidy.

    alternately get yourself a good tarpaulin and actually dig out the soil onto the tarp sort through the soil pulling out all the weeds and old roots you'll be amazed how little you need to weed in the you put the soil back add organic material.

    if you have the funds get help to do the hedges and rhodos make sure all the waste will be taken away.  

  • Hi Dave !

    Thanks for getting back to me.... we have installed three compost bins and invested in a shredder. We have a couple of different tree surgeons and groundsmen coming to check out our hedges to advise and quote as youre right its just a massive job.

    I've made a start on the terraced gardens, pulled out three wheelbarrows of dead old growth and a lot of evening primrose (which the goldfinches just love). There appears to be a lot of bulbs starting to come up, so im going to take it a bit easy when I get the other half cleared this weekend.

    Love the cane idea, I have a huge amount of bamboo to clear at the front garden, so I have home made canes on hand for the peas and beans a little later in the year!! image

    I guess now is the time to do the before photos.... image 

    Thanks for your help.


  • sounds like it's coming together happy planting

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