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Red Robins?

Does anyone have any tips or success stories on proagating Red Robins?  I have a couple of red robins planted outside my living room window (south facing) but they are overgrown and need to be cut right back. I haven't pruned them at all yet and I'd like some advice on how to propagate them while I'm pruning them.  I hate the thought of losing out to all the new cuttings I could have from them but not sure how to do this and continue looking after the new cuttings.  Can you help?


  • Photinia can be propagated by taking softwood cuttings in early Summer or semi-ripe cuttings in late Summer or Autumn.  It might be a bit late now but worth trying - RHS advice on semi-ripe cuttings here:


    A trowel in the hand is worth a thousand lost under a bush.
  • Thanks BobTheGardener, I still haven't tackled the red robin, is it too early to propagate and prune back at this time of year, what do you think?


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