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Small Dahlia Tubers

ElusiveElusive Posts: 992

Hi all I dug up some Dahlia Tubers today to clear my beds. The ones I grew from seed are lovely and fat but the ones I bought as cheap bedding plants are very small.

Is it worth trying to keep any of these?





  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Why not keep them? If you look after them over winter, and pot them up in a cold frame or greenhous in spring, they will come back. Even small tubers will produce lovely plants next year.

  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 19,963

    It is worth keeping them, must have stems or shoots though. Just think, bedding dahlias are grown from seed so how small were they at the start of the year!

    Dordogne and Norfolk
  • ElusiveElusive Posts: 992

    I was wondering more than anything if they will keep over the Winter being so small.

    Glad to hear that they will produce lovely plants even being that small image

  • ElusiveElusive Posts: 992

    and they all have a piece of stem each image

  • SwissSueSwissSue Posts: 1,447

    Definitely worth keeping and they'll be twice that size next autumn.

  • Snap Mattbeer, done the same job myself today today. image wrapped in newspaper and placed in the shed.

  • ElusiveElusive Posts: 992

    Im letting them dry first then gonna wrap them up in newspaper. I'll then stick them in the cupboard under the sink in the unheated downstairs loo which can get very chilly in Winter :P

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 81,360

    Just as long as it's dry and there's no chance of it freezing in there.  

    I was taught to dry them with the stalk pointing downwards so any sap etc drained out of the hollow stem to avoid any chance of rot.

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  • ElusiveElusive Posts: 992

    yea thats what I was told too Dove. They arent vertical but the stems are pointing down enough so anything will drain out of it image

    and they wont freeze in the toilet but my behind will when I sit on it on a cold morning before work!

  • archiepemarchiepem Posts: 1,155


     i got  3 trays of  6 for 30p  . bargin  

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