Help with my first twisted willow tree...


I bought a willow tree from Homebase earlier this year and planted it in a large pot to control its growth and stop the roots from affecting any pipes, etc.

I've looked through a number of sites and forums on how to form a 'leading branch' but cutting all offshoots, thereby making the tree look more like a tree and give it some shape. At the moment, it looks like a shrub!

I've attached some photos that I took to give a better idea. (not sure why they are rotated in the previews though)

I just wanted to get some expert opinion on which bit of the three I should cut before I go ahead and do it in case I make a horrible mistake and kill off my willow. Also when's the best time to do this? Winter - when all the leaves are gone and the tree is dormant?

Apologies for the non-technical terms I've used and the fact that my garden patch looks very unprofessional probably - this is my first ever garden, and I've only just started gardening this summer so I'm rather inexperienced at the moment. Really, really enjoying it though!! image

Thank you for your help.







  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,056

    Hi Rahul

    If you want it to be a tree, pick the stem you most like the shape of and cut the rest off at the base. Then cut off some of the lower side shoots from your chosen stem. Anything you cut off take right back to a stem, don't leave short bits, they'll die back and cause trouble.

  • Hello - thank you for the response. I think I'll go ahead and do just that and hopefully all goes well. image


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