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beginner's advice please

Hi everyone, I have been trying to rennovate my bland garden and have cleared out a raised bed. I moved shrubs and put in topsoil and compost. I then planted lots of bulbs. However, lots of rain yesterday and when I arrived home the raised bed was holding puddles of water. Will this kill the bulbs? All the water was gone this morning after some sun. Do I need to remedy this? I have enclosed a picture of the raised bed,. Also, I wondering if my lilac tree is just losing its leaves naturally, but they do look quite shivered. Is this normal?  Finally, I have replaced the gravel around the trees and shrubs I planted along the back fence. Will this harm the trees or help them? I put some shredded bark down to. Lastly, I have bought those lovely paper white daffodils and Bridal Crown indoor narcissi. I planted some of the bulbs. But do I leave them by a window or in shade. They have threads of mould appearing on the top of the soil as I left them in the garage. (Instructions say cool, shaded place for 3-4weeks). I think it should be by a window surely?

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  • Jesse2501Jesse2501 Posts: 152

    no I havent watered them at all. I just planted the bulbs in a soil /compost mix, on a bed of gravel for drainage. I just think if the soil is wet mould grows, I assume its that simple. I have put them on a bright window sill in the garage now. The label says store them in cool dark place until shhots come up. Then move indoors for flowering. 

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    Plants need water in order to keep their cells turgid and allow them to function.  You should water the bulbs at the time of planting and then make sure any excess water drains off so the compost is just moist.  Then you leave them in a frost free dark place until shoots appear.

    Check weekly and as soon as you see shoots about an inch high, they need to be moved to the light so that photosynthesis can occur to feed the plant.

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