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Wood Mice

I don't know much about Wood Mice other than they are very cute!! We stared off with what seemed like a couple and a mystery hole that kept appearing in one of the shrub borders. We would fill it in and a couple of days later it was there again, we now know it is the entrance to a Wood Mouse tunnel. Since the start of the colder weather we have been feeding the birds on the ground as well as feeders and the other day we spotted at least six Wood Mice tucking in to the feed, this we do not mind but it has crossed our mind that they could become a pest, as in breed rapidly and start digging under the plants in the borders - does anyone know anything about the habits of the Wood Mouse?      image


  • Hello Willowplanter,

    I agree with you that they are cute, but it is true that some gardeners consider them a pest. It probably depends on how much you want your garden to be a sanctuary for wildlife, and whether you are growing a crop for sale! Have a look at this page from the BBC website to learn about their habits:

    Emma team

  • Thanks for that, as you say it depends on our outlook, think we will just go with the flow at the moment and see what happens to the population over the next few months, as the older we get the more precious any life becomes.

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