seeds for drought resistant meditteranean plants

I would lke to grow some plants for my garden in the Languedoc.  It gets very hot and dry in summer and cold and windblown in winter.  They have to fend for themselves as I am only there for part of the year.  I want to try Dorycnium Hirsutum, Salvia chamaedrioides and Zauschneria Western Hills.  So far my searches for seed for them have drawn a blank.  Does anyone know where I m,ight find such specialist seed?

Plants cost around £5 each and with only a 50/50 chance of survival I thought |I might have more success for less outlay with seed.

Any help would be welcome


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,029

    HI gg, I think I've seen the Dorycnium in the Chiltern Seeds catalogue. 


  • Thanks nutcutlet - sadly its out of stock this year.  Still, my favourite catalogue.  I grew a Euphorbia "Jimmy something or other" one year because the description said it gave off a smell of coffee beans in the summer.  Was amused as visitors to my garden in the vicinity of the plants always asked if there was coffee on the go!

  • SwissSueSwissSue Posts: 1,447

    Hallo gg, for Zauschneria, the RHS lists suppliers here:


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,029

    I don't know that one gg. Sounds a good one for me to grow

  • sorry nutcutlet - senior moment - it was called Euphorbia Jimmy Platt - one of the tall ones, but it hasn't been in Chiltern the last few times I've looked.

    thanks Swiss Sue - I'll give it a try as that's one I particularly want to grow.

  • Hi Gardening Granny.  I'm over in the Alpes Maritimes Department, with the same weather as you.  I have salvias in my garden but I don't find them particularly drought resistant - unlike lavender and rosemary!  I'm always on the lookout for really drought resistant plants as I don't like to water the garden - can I ask what do you have in your garden that's particularly tough? Thanks 

  • hello boozysuzy - first let me say that my vertical garden is terraced into the rockface, and the soil where it exists is mainly schist so much of what grows is low growing - all the sedums do well, euphorbia myrsinites (from seed) does well, houseleeks of course.  Of the salvias the real toughy is the purple leaved herb one.  I also have bears breeches (acanthus mollis, I think), cyanara (giant thistle or cardoon) which may need staking against our vicious occasional winds, passionflower, iris of course, and then in shrubs phygelius and phlomis (both thepink one and the yellow) - sorry, not sure of the exact varieties and arbutus unedo (the strawberry tree), neflier....and pinks.  Not sure if this will help you - my planting has developed by trial and error and much is from cuttings and seed collected along the way.

    do you have any other suggestions?

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