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Talkback: Twelve gardening jobs for Christmas

I made use of some of my guests and persuaded them to assemble my new flatpack garden furniture for me! A bit different from helping with the washing up! All the others on your list apply to me as well. Adam, except the digging, but I do have an extra one or two - designing my new potager now i have lots of ideas from Joy Larkcom's book on Creative Vegetable gardening and clearing the site for it as the landscapers have promised to come round soon. I saw them over Christmas as I took three parties of guests round to see their wonderful display of lights which has put brentry on the map as far as Light displays are concerned as i hope to put it on the map as far as wildlife friendly gardens are concerned. Are we not very lucky indeed to be having gardening weather at this time if year?


  • Quite a few of the things on your list Adam I did a while ago. I thought I would tidy the shed before the cold weather came so I did that back in November. I must admit that when New Year is over and the Christmas decs are put away for another year, I start to get that feeling of excitement about getting out into the garden and sowing seeds again and getting colour back into the garden. As the weather has been so mild, I've still got a rose flowering its socks off. Happymarion you are correct, we are so lucky to have such good gardening weather this time of year.

    Happy New Year Everyone.
  • Help! My what to do now section is in May this week. Please sort it out for next week as I rely on it to do all my gardening in the right order
  • happymarionhappymarion Posts: 4,591

    Yes, I noticed that too, kathryn, but this year has been so different.  Yesterday I pulled out the slimy remains of crocosmia, a job usually done in November. My roses have not had a wimter prune yet because they still have lots of roses and buds on.  The buddlias have needed pruning again as they have grown monstrous.  It does help to have a reminder but generalisations will not suffice this year as the different parts of the country are at different stages of growth.  Ah well., variety is the spice iof life.

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