Ivy out of control

Can anyone please give me some advice on getting rid of ivy growing totally out of control. It has gone right up and over the chimneys and is also growing on windows. I think it may be necessary to get professional help, but if we can do something ourselves then it would be better let alone cheaper.

I have been told to use bleach, but I don't think that will do the other wanted plants any good let alone the wildlife.


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    Hi Lynne, personally I'd saw through all the thick stems and let it die off naturally, it'll be a lot easier to remove once it's dead.  Be careful removing it to prevent too much damage to walls etc.  others on here may have other options for you. 

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    You will have to treat the stumps as well to stop them regrowing or dig them out.  Sorry about adding another post - no edit button!

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    I'd cut it off as low as you can

    Then use Roundup stump killer


    The difficult bit will be romoving all the ivy stems from the house, it doesn't let go easily and leaves scars when it does. It won't be a quick job, I hope someone in you household is good on a ladder

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    How did you let it get that far?  Don't put bleach on it.  

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    This house used to have ivy growing just as you describe - a previous owner had become old and infirm and the garden had just got away from her.  Do exactly as Nutcutlet has advised.  Cut through all the stems as near the base as possible and treat with Roundup stump killer.  

    The Ivy will then turn brown and the leaves will fall off.  You can pull off the fresh growth quite easily, where the adventitious roots have not taken hold, but older stuff you need to leave until it dies and then get someone to attack it gently with a scraper, taking care not to damage the brickwork.  

    At the same time whoever does that should note whether the ivy has damaged the mortar between the bricks, if so it will need repointing before frost gets in and makes it worse. 

    It would be a good idea to get a local builder or property maintenance chap to check out your chimney and soffits to make sure the ivy hasn't done damage which will be made worse by winter weather. 

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  • I've always loved ivy up the side of buildings, is it ever alright to just let it go a bit mad or does it just damage houses too much?


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    I think it's probably OK on good solid walls but once it gets under the eaves and coming out between roof tiles it's gone too far. It gets into little cracks and then grows, makig big cracks

  • my neighbours had this on their walls.. and they dont really do gardening (wondered why bought such a big plot if not into it) anyway.. they had the ivy coming in inbetween the windows and the wall indoors.. i couldnt believe how it creeps in...

    but yes the house along road did as suggested.. they were covered up all over the roof also.. when they brough the house.. and they cut the basal stems and let it die down natural first.

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