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    Very pretty, what is it?

  • chickychicky SurreyPosts: 7,188
    What an unusual flower - Looks like someone has dropped a blue smartie in the centre!
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    Clerodendron trichotomum, not too many seeds this year and very late. There are still flowers to come.

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    I love that nutcutlet image

    My Callicarpa always makes me smile image

    Pam LL x


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    Another great colour !

    The Stone Age didn’t end because they ran out of stones ......
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    My clerodendrum is flowering now and very pretty it is to. Sadly though I never get the berries. I wonder why.

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    Mine have had less berries as time has gone on punkdoc. I think it's because they're more over-shadowed now. They're very late this year.

    I love that callicarpa Pam, mine did very poorly from the start and when I did get berries they were more 'old lady mauve' than a stunning colour like yours. I may try again with better positioning

  • good year for callicarpa, Lilylouise.  Mine is a mass of colour - such an unbelievable colour for berries.


     this seed head always makes my laugh too! it's magnolia.

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    This one makes me laugh. It's laughing. The black pearls of Paeonia, probably lutea but could be delavayi.

    I should label my pics when I take them.

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