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please can anyone tell me or point me to where i can find out about aTalpa 370 rotovator  thanks jb



  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,488

    Never heard of that sure you have the right name?

  • I would not consider buying something that is not readily available in the UK,if you ever needed a spare part it's nothing but headache.

  • JB3JB3 Posts: 11

    thanks it looks new'ish and the owner as passed away so can'nt as about it but it's cheap but nothing is cheap if you can'nt find about it thanks again will keep try'ing

  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,488

    How often will you use it? If you do not have a field or business then I doubt that you will use it yearly.

  • JB3JB3 Posts: 11

    its fir an allotment which is of quite heavy clay and has never been dug and i am finding it had going .I had the name wrong like you said this is what it say's on the id plate marazzini ernesto.  parabiago.  GBNP22PL  talpa 370   prisma 37  

  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,593

    Marazzini Ernesto (S.P.A) is the name of the company who made it. They are/were based in Parabiago near Milan in Italy. They would likely have used a commercially avaliable engine such as Briggs & Stratton but more likely an Italian engine. If you can  identify the engine then that makes the spares issue easier. Parts like carburettors tend to come from companies such as Zama and are easy to repair or replace.

    I would think that they are much more common in Italy so a search on Italian eBay might give you some idea of second hand prices.

  • Just hire one for the day.  It's probably much easier.  You will have to dig all the weeds up first though, because there's no use rotavating the weeds back into the soil. 

  • If it's really cheap, you can buy it and work in to the ground, it might still be a bargain.

  • JB3JB3 Posts: 11

    i have sprayed the plot with tumblweed then cleaned the ground with a petrol strimmer and dug  about half weather permiting will do the rest before jan; it is cheap  and as i am retired hopfully easyier with the rotovator  PS this is cheaper than hireing one PPs the engine number is on the side to dark to see now will look tomorrow. 

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