Walking onion

Has anyone tried growing the japanese walking onion.   I was reading about it the other day and was wondering how easy it was to grow - and how much space is required.   Anyone with hands on experience out there?



  • I don't understand that why there are required of onion,and what is the japanese walking onion

  • Sorry - got the country wrong...they are Egyption walking onions 

    I was just wondering if they are easy to grow in the UK .

  • normally,onions need 12-14sunshine hours ,it's a plant which need long time sunlight,

    especially during the bolting. otherwize,it can't be a onion on condition that high temperature and short sunlight.

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    I used to grow what I called an Egyptian onion that had little onions that developed on the flowerhead - you just grew them like decorative onions and used the little onions to make pickled onions for Xmas. I suppose they did "walk" as any that fell from the flowerhead would grow.  I am sure they are still in the seed catalogues.

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    I forgot to say they were very invasive here in Bristol, where we have a serious weed problem with Allium vineale, so I stopped growing them but they are an interesting novelty.

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    I've just looked them up for you in my RHS Dictionary of Gardening, Chickenlady, and they are in the third group of Allium cepa (onion is in the first and shallot in the second), as are tree onions.  So you just treat them as if they were onions but pick the produce from the flowerhead, instead of out of the ground like onions and shallots.

  • Thank you very much for the info...it's much appreciated.   Just what I needed to know.

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    I decided to dig up my flower border and plant fruit bushes,and have already planted a goose berry and a blue berry This will be thier thirs year my blueberry had masses of bloom last year but failed to fruit is it that you need two to germinate I intend to put a black currant in as soon as possible is this time of the year good for planting bare root bushes,and could anyone reccommend a variety of currant.My garden is south facing and will be using a south eastern facing border.What could I grow in the way of fruit on north facing fence with six foot border,Help1 

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    If I grow these in pots what should be the depth?

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