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Box going bare

I have recently moved house and there is a small cone shaped box(buxus) in a pot, it is going bare at one side, how can I solve this and is it reversibleimage


  • pansy2pansy2 Posts: 28

    Box is very tough and hard to kill so it will probably survive with some T L C .  Is it possible that there is a dog about with a taste for marking it's territory on your flower pot?  Could it be that the damaged side is always in the shade?  If it is a dog , give the plant a good wash, trim of the damaged bits , feed it next spring and hope for the best. Keep turning the pot so that every side gets some light some of the time.  IN case it is beyond hope you could try taking cuttings in early autumn and start training new plants to replace it.  Good luck.

  • I had one in a pot and found that when i took it out and planted in in garden  it grew ok 

    I think it was either too dry in pot or soil needed a good change 

  • Hi everyone, I had two box plants in pots and at first they looked great but eventually they both looked dull and the leaves started yellowing.  I dug them up and planted them in the border in the garden and they have recovered and are now doing well.  The leaves are bright green and new shoots are sprouting.  I really think that box do not like having their roots confined in pot.  What does everyone else think?   Thanks.

  • pansy2pansy2 Posts: 28

    I have box trees in pots which I have been trying to shape to what the Japanese call "Clouds"  without any success whatever.  The shrubs have been in the same pots for 8 years and are still green and look very healthy but, weather permitting , I am going to put them in the garden, "set them free" as my husband says , and hope to continue training them.  I have found that box can withstand neglect and going without water for ages without seeming to come to any harm.

  • We have 2 cone shaped box plants in tall pots at the front of our house. When we bought them we spent quite a lot of money on them so i was worried about caring for them. We asked in the nursery where we bought them and they advised simply feeding them with regular all purpose plant food- the name of which I have just forgotten but its in yellow and green box if that helps...they are looking really healthy and green!

  • Could be Box Blight.... Plenty of it about lately... Not really any effective treatments.. Its a case of remove the subject and burn it to stop it spreading....

  • mrs figgmrs figg Posts: 6

    my box plants dont like frost, and they dont like cat wee, and they dont like drying out, they are always throwing wobblers.

  • I would say either plant it in your border or re-pot in slightly bigger pot with topsoil/compost mix.

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