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No worms in my soil or compost bin

I know this subject has been approached before but I need a sensible and intelligent answer. Right, for many years now as I dig over my veg patches and empty the contents of my compost bin there are no worms. Can anyone tell me why and what can I do to remedy this problem? Thank you.


  • DaisydayDaisyday Posts: 373

    I think you can buy those red worms. Why don't you Google it?  You would probably get information about making a wormery. That sounds like a good idea for you to get worms going in your garden. I think a chemical free patch that is kept moist is the way forward. Good luck!

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,262

    Is your compost bin on soil or on a hard standing? The brandlings invade my compost as soon as it has heated up and then sunk for the first time. It is standing on soil. They are not the same as the earthworms in the rest of the garden. The brandlings don't like a lot of citrus peel but are ok if it is mixed up with plenty of other stuff.

     If it is already on soil base, then all I can suggest is a starter of brandlings from either someone elses compost heap, or you can buy them online.

  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Try this link, some advice on here, I use cardbaord in mine and it seems to do the job.

  • It does seem a bit strange that there are no worms at all, unless your compost is very dry when you empty the bin? worms do like it damp. The brandling worms can be very small, but no less industrious. The bigger worms tend to work deeper in the soil, although I generally find some of those near the bottom of my compost bin. If you buy some online, and they are happy, they will multiply very quickly.

  • Thanks for all your advice and my bin is standing on soil which I fork over each time I empty the bin. The compost is quite damp as I do water it from time to time especially during hot weather, my soil is quite alkaline as I garden in the north pennines and according to local knowledge we have lime stone quarries around us which maybe worms don't like. But I have used a lot of composted stable manure on the garden.
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