wot veg can you gro in it and wot veg do not like it hop you can help me


  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414
    Mdjlu, More information is needed before we can answer you properly.
    What Kind of Compost are you asking about, Bought bags, Home made that would be your own compost either a heap or worm bucket.
    Most Vegetables grow in normal garden soil. Depending on the vegetable whether you add anything or not. Potato's need plenty of manure or Compost in the bottom of the hole and then have to be earthed up as they grow. Peas normal Garden soil, Carrots need a stone free sandy soil for the root to grow down, beans need a good mulch and staking as they grow up. Cabbage and sprouts I would lime them with slaked lime others would not.
    There are a myriad of things we need you to tell us, are you talking pots or trays have you got a garden, where does the sun hit it during the day, it is all relevant.
    Do not be put off many of the Salad plants can be grown in pots or trays of compost you buy. Try a few of those Salads although it is getting a bit late in the year, cut and come again salads are quick growing. Give things a try is the way we do it.
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