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    Just wondering if anyone has ever come across a huge wisteria tree in this country?

A garden that I have just taken over (work), has a huge tree which looks just like a wisteria, the the trunk is about 3-4 foot above my head height (i'm about 5ft 5) 

There is no vines climbing up it (other than ivy) or vines coming over from any other trees.

I know they can be grown as trees & have seen pictures on the internet of huge ones, but just never seen one!! 

I could just wait to see if it flowers but would love to know everyones thoughts on this??!






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    There are free standing wisterias at Kew, and also one with a huge trunk  in The Park, below Nottingham Castle. The trunks usually have the melted candle effect.

     I can't tell from the photo what the trunk looks like.

    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.
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    Thats great thanks fb,

    if you can click on the photo it should blow it up bigger, then you can zoom in on it by clicking it once again & if you could let me know your thoughts on it that would be great  image

    it does look to me like a melting candle ( quite big groves in the bark) but I'm not sure if that's how it should be? image

    If it is a wisteria ( it flowers) I will be chuffed to bits as it's one of my favourite flowers, & will get to share it's beauty!image

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    I have one that I am training to be a tree, but it's not big yet. The biggest one I have ever seen, but not a tree, is this one at Groombridge Place. On the right growing up a tree.




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    Wow thats really beautiful!! I really hope it is a wisteria tree, I will just have to wait until next spring to find out image that's what makes gardening I suppose patience!!

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    ..should you ever be in the East Devon area, you might like to visit the gorgeous, and very large gardens at Bicton, near Budleigh Salterton...not only do they have 25 'champiion' trees but they claim to have the oldest Wisteria sinensis in the country, at over 180 years old... as you can imagine, a very rugged specimen but still blooms beautifully...

    ..as I recall, it's near the tea room... so that's quite convenient...

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