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hi there

i planted  three  pot grown climbing roses ( all had been pruned back to 20cm}, not ramblers, in the spring in the same area of my garden.  two of them made shoots upto 1 mtr high and flowered at the end of these shoots and little growth since. the other one, golden shower, has made abundant growth on 4 stems which i stopped at 1 mtr and they have branched out significantly since but no flowers. i wasnt expecting many flowers this year anyway but what do i do now to encourage growth and  flowering next year. i want them all to cover my 2 metre high fence when fully grown. grateful for any tips??


  • ElusiveElusive Posts: 992

    You could leave them now that they have established a framework and just tie in any new shoots when it starts to re-grow in Spring

    or you can prune whilst its dormant between December and March by about a half, this should encourage new growth with plenty of flowers.

    Just make sure to give them full sun image

  • Matty2Matty2 Posts: 4,817

    Are you trainig them to grow horizontal on your fence or just leaving them to go up vertical.

    You get ore flowers following the horizontal way as the main stems then send up side stems that will flower. 

    My roses are all new - last spring or autumn and I have had flowers off them all.

    For this year I have just let them do what they want, tying them into the shape I want them to make. I have not cut off any main stems or shortened them though I may do that to maintain shape in early spring.

    Perhaps you were a little drastic in your pruning.

    Don't forget to give them all a good mulch of framyard manure (you can buy pags of it from GC's) towards the end of this month.


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