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hi all, got some bugs i'm stuck with.

hello everyone.

last year we moved to a house with a nice size garden so we made a veg patch. we quite new to growing veg as before all we had room for things in the odd pot.

the garden needed a bit of love cut back loads of out of control bushes, had some over powering fir trees down and leveled the whole garden, any way my daughter and i set about making a raised bed last winter and filled it with soil from what we dug out of the front garden when widing the drive and about half a ton of horse muck.

the first mistake i made was to over plant it, (ran before i coild walk image) but the main prob we got are these little bug things.

found them mostly in the potatoes, which most of them was fit for the bin.. had a few in carrots some in parsnips and found them in strawberries and i can't fine out what they are or what i need to do to stop them... and is it something ive done??

here they are




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     sorry link didn't work last time... worked it out now.

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    one more for you.. image

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  • I think they're spotted snake millipedes.  They allegedly attack your spuds and strawberries during times of drought and there doesn't seem to be much you can do about them but use more resistant strains of spud and put straw under your strawberries.  I believe that pitfall traps are quite effective.  Hope this helps.


  • Looks like Potato Cyst Eelworm, a nasty nematode, best to look them up as a lot is written about them, too much to write here, however they are difficult to get rid of so you might need to look for somewhere else to grow your potatoes.

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    image thanks for your help. i've looked them both up and they look like spotted snake to me. just got to work out what do with them now.

  • Spotted Snake millipedes are also found in grass, If your garden had a wild lawnbefore you dug everything up, you may have a very healthy colony!  Contact some of the sports turf companies to see if they can recommend a soil wash, but you may need to steralise the soil with a garden-sized version of a flame gun - best of luck in clearing the little varmints.

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    Could you have chickens for 2 years or so ?  Keep them confined to the veg. garden and after awhile you will have no weed seeds , no nasty lurking beasties and wonderfully tilled and fertilised soil.  The only problem is what to do with the birdies when they have done their thing.  Of course you could always eat them.

  • I would avoid using a flame gun as it would kill off lots of beneficial insects - including worms - as well as bacteria in the soil. Chemical pesticides would do the same and would probably be absorbed into the crops you're growing, which you would presumably eat.

    Spotted Snake millipedes tend to only attack crops in drought, so next year, make sure plants are well watered. Also encourage more birds, frogs and toads into your garden, which prey on millipedes. pansy2's idea of keeping chickens for a couple of years is a great idea, and before planting you could dig the area thoroughly and rermove any you find.

    Good luck!


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