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  • JonusJonus Posts: 8

    I always look forward to Carol enthusing about her gardening.  Also, she does give wonderful advice regarding 'how to' cutting advice.

  • Hello Jonus,

    As you are such a fan of Carol, I thought I would give you some links for her videos on the website. Have a look at these:

    I hope you enjoy them. It'll soon be time to divide snowdrops, as she recommends.

    Emma. team

  • I also love gardeners world.. watch it without fail..loved the xmas special one too. Monty and Carol are by far the bet set of presenters for some time, Monty's garden is fabulous..just wish i had as much land to play with.

    As said before Carol's advice on when to take cuttigns and plant seeds has been great for me. Keep it uo BBC abd cant wait for the Show to fill our screens with delights in the New Year.

  • Three years ago, having just moved to Skye and initially with only a small garden, my daughter said 'Dad, you must watch Gardeners's brilliant'. I watched it and didn't know enough for it to interest me! Now I have my own big new garden and I record it every week so I can replay bits of info that I didn't quite catch.   I wouldn't dream of getting involved in who is better than who because the show is very well presented and it is as much about content once you have such good presenters. I would love to see more gardening progs now because I just can't get enough....there's so much to learn I now regret starting so late in life!  Maybe a spin off every couple of weeks for beginners, and definately more programmes in winter. Keep up the great work GW.

  • Peat BPeat B Posts: 441

    Oh Carol ! My little Kleinwort. You are /she is a favourite in our household, however creaky we may be. Enthusiasm, knowledge and practical. She faces the unforgiving natuer of gardening with cheerfulness and happines, in style and unremitting happiness. Bless her and may her sprouts flower constantly !

  • I agree about more shows to air. Im a landscape Gardener and still learning every day.

    We love our veg patch with 30ft polly and 10 x 12 green house but we are lucky than most. we are more into the old ways to make do with things instead of bying new .

    Im really into propagation now.

    MORE shows please BBC image

  • I love gardeners world and it really annoys me that it is always replaced in N Ireland on a friday night by rugby or football or any other sprot that comes along. Please stop doing this.

  • I got told off at christmas, when my family wanted to record films they couldnt because I had filled the recording time up with GW from BBC & Blighty. Ha Ha
  • Eddie JEddie J Posts: 108

    I am afraid that I switched off from watching after the first few episodes. I couldn't put up with Monty's continual reference to box hedging.

    It sadly seemed as though he couldn't make it through an episode without at least one mention of the horrid stuff.

  • when is GW back on - I miss it!

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