Lemon trees

I'm looking for an organic dwarf lemon tree (I think that'll ideally be a house plant, but no essential) for a Christmas present... Any ideas?


  • this is an amazing web site www.glut.co.uk

  • I have a Lemon Tree which has remained in it's pot outside in the garden over the winter. I live I the SE of England and wondered if I can replant it in the garden and whether to use a Fish and Bone feed for the roots? Advice appreciated.

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    BFB will be a good general fertiliser when you plant out the Lemon particularly if it has been in a pot for some time.  You can then use specialist Citrus feed ( winter and summer) thereafter.

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    Hello Ronnie image

    Have you had any frosts in your garden ?   I'd be worried about a lemon that has been frosted.  Is it a Meyer?  They can cope with lower temperatures.

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