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For the last 2 years I have had indifferent results in growing root vegetables in my raised beds. Carrots get attacked by carrot root fly (even through fleece) and beetroot and radishes have no bulbous roots but plenty of healthy leaves.  I can grow cabbages, beans and lettuce with no problems.  Can anybody suggest a solution?


  • Hi Carrotless...Are you using a rotation system? If so are your root crops being put into ground that is too heavily manured?

    Root crops are best grown in ground that has had most of the manure used up by previous crops in years 1 & 2 of a crop rotation.

    It can pay to raise up a carrot crop higher aswell. About 18 inches and the root flies struggle to fly high enough to get at the crop. Some people grow in high tubs or barrels. In the ground i have had success with slightly drawing earth over the tops of the carrot as they grow. This seems to prevent the root fly burrowing into the ground aswell...Not always full proof but may be worth a go.

  • Hi Carrotless-What Man of Kent says makes sense to me. Never had good results growing carrots in the ground( a bit sad I know!) but always had fab carrots growing them in deep containers. I use an old kitchen swingbin and I have always had good results.

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