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Hi, I've recently been landed with the task of tending to garden of an elderly relative who is no longer able to look after it herself. I've never gardened before and actually four d I really enjoy it but i'm absolutely clueless. I would be grateful of any help i can be given and thank you for your patience.


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    Hello Gareth and welcome.

    Could you give a little more information about your relatives garden?.

    Is it already planted,and you want advice about maintaining it?

    Or is it unplanted and you want help in choosing plants and landscaping?

    It does,nt matter what questions you ask,lots of different expertise on this forum ,and someone is always keen to help. 

  • The garden I look after is 6m wide and 8 m long. Consists of only soil with several plants scattered around. A 900mm wide concrete flag path runs down the centre for axis. How can I make the soil more fertile?
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    Any idea what type of soil it is? sandy,heavy clay for instance.

    Do you know what the plants are that are already growing.? that would give a clue as to Growing conditions,What are you looking to grow?

  • I do have a photo but struggling to upload it from my phone. There is Rhodedendrum shrub with red flowers. There are some ground cover plants (don't know their name). There are a couple of rose plants, and some flowers I've managed to salvage from another garden. Black Eyed Susan is the closest i got to identifying them. There is one plant that seems to thrive. It has little pink five/six petals flowers and rubbery looking stem and leaves.
  • Today I planted some bulbs i picked up from local supermarket. Grape Hyacinths, Crocus, poppy anemone and snowdrops.
  • The soil seems to quite loose and very dark, almost black. I would guess that it drains quickly. For years the owner had fresh top soil delivered on an annual basis. As I've loosened up he soil the by raking and turning it over the level seems to rise in just a few weeks. I guess the soil is quite deep
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    Difficult to identify soil type from plants mentioned,Rhodedendruns like acidic soil,might be worth getting a soil test kit to make sure.

    What do you want from the garden?

  • The plant that seems to flourish is Sedum Autumn Joy. What other types of plants are good in such conditions?
  • The lady wants a garden which has colour and flowers all year round. As I have zero idea about gardening is this even possible? the garden is south facing and pan flat. it has no other features apart from the flowers/plants
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