Agapanthus help please

Hi all (first post here from newbie so please be gentle with me)

I have every gardening book known to man and have spent way too many evenings trawling the net for advice on this but can find NOTHING which actually offers the advice I need, so here goes.....

I have a garden I have just started to look after and has very large established perenial borders. This year (for the first time ever - so the owner tells me) their agapanthus produced just 2 flower spikes. The border is in full sun (when we get some) and the soil here (in Devon) is mostly heavy clay but, as I said, apparently this plant has been perfectly producing blooms for many years. The clump in question is probably six feet or so in diameter! There is good healthy leaf growth. On closer inspection, there appears to be a "mound" of growth formed so that the centre of the clump is probably at least a foot above soil level (as if the tubers are piled on top of each other)l. I am guessing (?) that it has outgrown its space and needs dividing up? I have done this with potted agapanthus but never seen such a mass in the ground! So...... Questions.....

Is now (October) ok?

Could I cut some of the worst congestion off the top with a sharp knife/saw perhaps?

I want to help but the last thing I want is to make matters worse!

Any advice would be extremely gratefully received.



  • steephillsteephill Posts: 510

    Sounds like it is completely congested and needs splitting up. Probably safest to wait until March before dividing though. It can be done now and would probably be OK in Devon but in colder areas I would definitely wait till Spring.

  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 12,087

    I would split it up in Spring too. The middle may need cutting out and throwing away. Replant the healthy outside bits.

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