Best plants in a pond?

Hi just need to know what plants are really good in ponds and what depth to put them in at, any ideas would be a great help.


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    Hello danielm, Sorry you got lost yesterday in the confusion of the gunfight at the not-so-OK-corral. We don't usually have to divert our attentions away from gardening matters with quite so much energy. Anyway, here we are now.

    You don't say how big your pond is, nor how deep, nor if it has any shallow parts with ledges, nor what style it is (formal, informal etc).

    Here are some plant names and where they like to grow. Have a look and come back to us if you want.

    Ceratophyllum demersum , shady, 60 cms depth, perennial.

    Urticularia vulgaris, 1.2 metres depth, spreading, insectivorous.

    Potomageton crispus likes deep mud, shade and up to 90 cms of water

    Any mint plant will grow in shallow water.

    Most musk plants will do the same.

    Lobelia cardinalis ditto.

    Yellow Flag iris will grow in water up to a depth of 30 cms.

    You can buy water lilies in all kinds of co.ours but they do take up a lot of space. They need various depths of water according to their variety and need sun for the flowers to do best.

    Hope that heps a bit.image

  • There are various ledges all the way around, varing from 1ft to some 2ft, the pond is a formal one that is 10ft long by 8ft wide, would an arum lily be ok in these depths of water? 

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    arum lillies can cope up to about 1 foot (30cm) of water

  • What would be best in the deeper side about 2ft? Apart from water Lille, would iris' or lythrum salicara be any good?


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    As I mentioned above, the yellow flag iris will tolerate about a foot of water.  Other iris types are generally to be found in poorly drained, boggy soil, as is the loosestrife you mention, so you could put those in the area around the pond.

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