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i have planted tomatoes 1 and a half months ago and they are 25cm tall how should care for in winter indoors



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    Hi Hamza, it's probably a bit too late to grow tomatoes now but keep them indoors and see what happens.  You might have to grow some more from seed next year, start them off in late March/April and they'll have plenty of time to grow, flower and you should get some tomatoes.  Let us know how you get on image

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    Hello Hamza, I'm afraid, as the saying goes, "I wouldn't have started from here".

    Tomatoes cannot survive the slightest amount of frost. The plants will die if they are left anywhere that gets very cold overnight, even if you keep them warm during the day. The seeds are usually sown in the early spring in a warm place and the pla ts grow and flower and produce fruit over the course of the summer. They will stop fruiting in the autumn and are normally pulled up and composted by now.


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    Hi Hamza, as Mrs Beehaven & waterbutts have said it isn't the time to grow tomatoes, wish it was, don't think my husband would like tomatoes in conservatory and heating on all winterimage I wouldn't mind..well the heating on bit.

    Keep reading / adding to the Forum and when Spring comes we'll all be taking about sewing tomatoes and lots of other stuff image

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    My toms are just finishing Hamza but as the others are saying, keep posting and looking and you'll get all the info you need in late winter/spring for getting toms and other things under way image

    KEF - I find sewing toms tricky....the needle gets stuck in them...image

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    Bit messy as well FG image

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    I like this threadimage

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    Fairy you need to lick the cotton moreimage

  • thanks to you all as i am a teenager all of a sudden i get realy interested in gardenind i love it and my mum they buy mr seeds like flower seed and fruit and veg and hrbs to grow i love it and allso can someone tell my how to grow hyacinths

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    Hi Hamza - do you want to grow hyacinths indoors or outside? 

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  • indoor and outdoors

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