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buddleia buzz, when to prune?

Hi All

I got two buddleia buzz (patio) plugs last spring, they grew quite big and flowered in the summer, however they got quite 'leggy' so I recently cut them right back to the new growth around the base. I know this may have been too early. Will they grow back in the spring. I took two cutings beforehand which are quite big now. Will these cuttings be already in unheated greenhouse during the winter?


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    Hi Mark

    ive got a couple as well but leaving it till next March to prune them, I'd imagine yours will grow back ok as long as we don't have too severe a winter image  Cuttings will be fine in greenhouse or cold frame.

  • Thanks MsBeehaven

    I think I'll move them undercover. They are in ceramic pots which might not be frost resistance

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    I've got a white, pink, purple and blue Buzz and have planted them as a group in the garden. Will prune them around April. We can get down to -20°C, usually in February, so hope they survive.

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    Probably a wise move Mark image

  • I've got a few Buddleia Buzz. They are great for attracting Butterflies. You should be dead heading them all season, cutting back to next pair of flowers. I have noticed you don't get many Butterflies on the white ones. They are fully hardy. Cut by half now to stop wind rock. In spring cut right down to strong grow shoot.

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  • SwissSueSwissSue Posts: 1,447

    Hi hollie hock, I don't think that's necessary. My neighbour has a dark knight and it's never suffered, even in the coldest winter.image

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