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What is the best time for sowing real Geraniums (not Pelargoniums).?



  • Hello Pieter,

    You can sow geranium seed in early spring. They will need a little heat, 15C is recommended - so it would be good to do it in a greenhouse or on a warm windowsill. I have known geraniums grown from seed to take a long time to grow into large plants so you will probably need to be patient. However that will depend on the species / cultivar that you have seed from. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

    Emma. team

  • DinahDinah Posts: 278

    I've been reading up on geraniums prior to planting some seeds myself. They frequently vary quite a lot from their parents if they are home (or park) collected. I know this from experience too, since my attempts at growing purple leaved varieties produced some green, some purple, one black and one with perlagonium-like rings of red on it's leaves. More fun than getting them pre-packed if you ask me image This year I am going to try and grow seed from a scented variety that was sitting next to the purple ones. You never know.

    Germinating seems to be quite easy, and I agree about the sowing time - early spring worked for me.

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