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I have some young seedlings which have been growing in an unheated greenhouse, will they be ok over the winter months or should I bring them into somewhere warmer or frost free? The greenhouse has bubblewrap up for some protection, but the plants are still really young and I am worried that they will not survive any frosts or the cooler temperatures we have had the last two winters.


  • not an expert but you don't say what the seedling are? I kept some hardy perennial seedling overwinter (last year) in a cold frame lined with polystyrene and covered in an old carpet. They did survive.  I have grown some Hollyhocks from seed and I am overwintering them in a frost free porch. image Hope this helps a little.

  • Yes it all depends on what you have and if we get a cold winter !

  • It depends as has been said about how cold this winter is going to be. Keep some bubble wrap to hand  as you are doing, it is probably best not to bring them indoors , because taking them out again may prove to much of a shock.

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