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Does anyone know how best to over winter a bougainvillea?

I don't have a conservatory, but wondering if it will be okay to winter up in the garage? The garage has a little window, so it would get some light. And the garage doesn't freeze, but it might drop below the 10*C (that bougainvilleas like to stay above). I just know if I leave it outside or in the greenhouse it will die, gets very cold here in the North East of England.

And I just don't think the central heating would do it any good either, any advice?

Thanks for reading, Tina


  • A friend of mine used to have one that was in her conservatory all year round,  and is heated in the winter. She managed to keep it for several years and it was only a cutting from one of her hols in spain! Is there anywhere in your house you could put it that is not too hot during winter? Good luck image

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