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Viola and pansy seeds



  • hi Caz, the experiance I have with viola's is that they like to grow in the cool and flower in the sun. Too damp and they rot, too hot and they wilt. So I'll imagine it's the same for the pansies. Can you do half in your mini greenhouse and half indoors to see what works best?

    I'm going to start a new thread in 'Problem Solving' asking about summer and winter seed sowing. Lets see what comes back

  • caz11caz11 Posts: 25

    Thanks for the replies, I should have sowed these seeds much earlier in the year for a display this winter, I'm annoyed now as I completely forgot!

    marklikesbees, you say you are overwintering your little plants in a cold greenhouse, but I am guesing summer flowering ones aren't as hardy?  My winter ones last year kept flowering all through the snow and hard frosts and they were all in containers so I know they are tough little things!

    I feel dumb for asking this but is it true that in general all seeds need warmth (but not direct sunlight) to actually get germination going or do some need cold?

    I guess it's an experiment to see what works as I have got some seeds sowed everywhere!

    Fingers crossed

  • caz11caz11 Posts: 25

    Ignore that last post of mine, it seems a repeat of a message I posted a few days ago has somehow been reposted!

  • Don't know if this will help but a few years ago I started some viola and pansy seeds from a kit and had to leave them cold and covered for a while until growth started, then babied them on the windowsill.  I know some seeds have to have a period of cold before they are planted so you might try putting seeds in fridge for a couple of days to shock them, then keep them in a cool dark area until you notice growth starting.  Its a while ago now but I am sure thats how I did it and had a good display that summer.

  • Oh yes one more thing - seeds collected from plants you grow rarely grow exactly to type - the colour and so on may vary but should be just as beautiful.  Good luck!

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