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Can any body help!. I planted a nursery bought Acanthus Three years ago and it has never flowered. Lots of healthy foliage but never a hint of a flower. <span>I thought it may have been planted too deep so i lifted it last year and replanted it last year, still nothing. It is in moist, well drained fertile soil. In a sunny spot. The roots are about half an inch thick and and very strong and adventurous.


  • Hello Mark, a very common problem with plants that are not flowering is that they are too well looked after! In fertile soil with lots of nitrogen, plants tend to put on leaf growth rather than flower. Flowering can be a response to stress - the plant flowers to produce seed, by which it can reproduce and ensure survival of the species if it dies! Tomato fertiliser - which is high in potassium, can induce flowering. However I would just leave your acanthus where it is for now. Don't give it extra water. If the clump thickens up it will probably become more stressed and come into flower. I hope you're enjoying the leaves, which are very beautiful in themselves.

    Emma team

  • Hello Emma, Thanks for the advice, it is much appreciated. I love the new layout. 

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    Mark1966, stick with.  I planted one many years ago and now have a huge clump which has to be thinned every year but they are so beautiful, if prickly.  I think Emma is right.  Mine went in poor soil, but you would not think so when you see the lush leaves every year.  They selfseed wholesale after a while so you may soon be giving them away.

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