• Can anybody tell me more about the modules ie what size/ depth etc. many thanks

  • Just bought some for planting - I'll be putting them in pots this weekend.  Given the need for cold, and Sussex Gardener's comments, should I just leave them out if it snows, or put them in the greenhouse (old and drafty and not great light - previous owners put it in a weird place). 

  • Hi I am thinking about growing garlic for the first time, can I plant 'shop' bought garlic? I have been to a few garden centres and can't find any garlic at all. Plus do I just plant them straight into the garden or should I start them off in the greenhouse? (northwest)

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    I planted garlic in early spring this year as I bought it late. I put it in fridge for a couple of weeks before planting and have been pleased with results

  • Hi, I have just bought some garlic bulbs and read somwhere that garlic can help with pests on tomatoes. I've just got my first greenhouse and am looking forward to growing tomatoes this year. Can I plant the garlic directly into the bed in the greenhouse and keep them there? It is unheated.



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    i planted garlic for the first time into extremely  wet ,recently manured ,cloggy  heavy soil with the thoughts of nothing to lose as they came from Asda for 99pence more for a laugh really with thoughts of planting proper garlic from the garden center next year, at the moment the garlic sits in the snowy muddy allotment 6 inches high ,and looks very happy ,and im told by the other allotmenteers that garlic Must have cold spells or it doesnt split and stays in one lump,garlic seems to love tough cold conditions well mine does image

    good luck Alan4711 


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    sorry thats the garlic sits  6 inches high not the allotmentimage

  • my first year too

    planted 8 cloves outside and 2 on a window sill as an experiment planted middle of october.

    the 2 on sill have massive shoots. the rest in the veg patch all have little shoots. i've put cloches over them (plastic squash bottles cut in half) to keep snow off, they have disappered in the snow completely covers them.

    I have more cloves so i'm going to start them all off inside, i might leave them outide for a bit to get cold then

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    Take the cloche off. Garlic needs frosting. Though be careful as you have had them in a protected environment.

  • Darn

    thanks Rosa. its snowing again, will uncover them tomorrow if i get chance

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