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Invasive weed

Invasive weed Spade-shaped leaves, pink flowers, throwsx out lots of shoots. It has taken root in a dip beside my house and has already pushed a small garden wall away. Please can anyone give advice on how I can kill it before it threatens of foundations of my house.


  • Hello Wendy,

    Could you please post an image of this troublesome weed onto the site? Hopefully somebody will be able to identify it for you. To post an image, follow these instructions:

    You can insert the following into your forum post: an image from another website; an image that you've already uploaded to this site; or an image from your computer. Click the square 'insert image/movie' tree icon, then choose one of the these tabs from the popup:

    • From an external site(eg a photo sharing website). Put the web address (url) of the image into the form and submit it. You can also add a YouTube or Google video like this (movies do not appear until the post is submitted).
    • Your GalleryIf you have already uploaded images to our website, this tab lets you browse through them and click them to insert them into your forum post.
    • Your computer This works by uploading the image(s) to our site and showing it in your forum post in one fell swoop. Our site will automatically resize your image for you.

    Looking forward to hearing from you again,

    Emma team

  • Can you give me any guidance on how to kill off bracken which is spreading into my garden from the hedge and field next door?.  I regularly pops up in a tarmacadamed path. 


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