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I planted a few fuschia this summer that are not hardy.  However I would like to see if I can keep them for next year. So I have left them in their planters put them in a indoor stairwell that is fairly light gets whatever sun that is around and is not too cold.  What would you suggest I do - should I cut them back and do you have any further suggestions that may be helpful?

Thanks very much Rose Gardner


  • I did manage it a couple of years ago, I put them in the conservatory,  they were ok for the following year not quite as bushy . Didn't manage to keep them for the next year tho, but its worth a try you might have more luck than me!image

  • was going to store my fuschias in greenhouse  do i need to cut them back please advise image

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    I store mine in the greenhouse Jean covered in a fleece.   Leave them as they are, they will lose all their leaves, keep them on the dry side but not desiccated!  In late March/April cut all the stems down to about 3 inches and start watering and they'll start growing again.

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    I cut all mine back by a third and strip all the leaves and flowers , if they are kept above 5 degrees they will start to shoot over winter.I do this every year with great success, in the spring there is plenty of growth to take new cuttings. Also you can start pinching out earlier giving you a much bigger plant.

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    Thank you nodisab, MsBeehaven and jean bewick  for your replies.

     I now have to decide what route to take and which has the best chance of success.

     I will try to remember to report back my success or failure.


    Best wishess 


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