Planting sage and thyme together?

Hi everyone


This might sound a bit stupid but can you plant sage and thyme together in the same pot? I have planted a scented garden for the person next door but find myself to keep replacing the sage and at the moment i can not ge to the bottom of it... so i was wondering is it something to do with the plants themselfs? the soil is good, there doesnt seem to be any 'fighting' between the plants and lots of room but yet sage keeps dying.. any ideas why?? Can they be planted together or not??


Any insight will help thanks. 


  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    The only problem I can foresee is that the sage will get very much bigger and taller than the thyme and so outshade it - if you see what I mean.  Maybe grow them next to each other in different pots?

     Interesting that the sages keep dying off - usualy one of the hardier herbs - have you looked at the roots to see if anythin is munching on them - though why they should ignore other plants is a bit puzzling.  Has it got overwatered maybe?  If there is one thing sages dislike it is having wet feet - better on the dry side than the damp.  Are they being overshadowed by bigger plants that are keeping the light from them?  They do like a good deal of light and sun (don't we all!).  Try gwoing the next one in a pot and see how it does, there are plants that don't like to be sharng spaces,maybe something and your sages don't get on?  If it does well in a pot you can sink it into the ground still in the pot and it may well thrive that way.  Do tell how you get on. 

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