Sorry - age old problem re leylandii but specific question.

Does the law re leylandii being kept to 6' apply to a hedge that has been in existance for more that 20 years?

 It was originally about 24ft when we came here in 2000 and is behind a 6ft wall about 15' from our back windows.  The owners eventually at our repeated requests had it trimmed to about 14' but will go no lower.  Is there anything we can do?


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 19,692

    My understanding is that it's any evergreen hedge and must be kept to 2 metres but you have to try and resolve it initially yourself  and if that doesn't work, you can involve the authorities but  you have to show that it's an issue regarding light or blocking something etc. They can order it to be cut and there's a fine if it's ignored. If you've asked them several times and they won't take it down further, then maybe you'll  have to bite the bullet and call in the council! It does sound very near your windows.  Difficult - because you don't want it to cause a problem.

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