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2 for 1 entry

Hi,  Could you tell me where i can find a list of the gardens included in the 2 for 1 entry from the May issue of the magazine.  i have pocket sized card but have lost the list.




  • Daniel HaynesDaniel Haynes Posts: 393 admin

    Hello pure-wotsit. I've messaged you with details of how to get the list, so do check your 'my messages' link in dropdown menu, top right of the page.

  • UnityUnity Posts: 5

    Hi Daniel,

    Can you let me know what gardens are available in 2012 with the 2 for 1 offer

  • Daniel HaynesDaniel Haynes Posts: 393 admin

    Hello Unity, I've sent you a direct message - do check the 'My messages' in the dropdown menu, top right.



  • JemimaTJemimaT Posts: 1

    Hi Daniel

    Please can you send me the list too as I seem to have lost my wee booklet? Or can you let me know if Alnwick Gardens is valid for this Sunday?

    Thanks very much


  • Daniel HaynesDaniel Haynes Posts: 393 admin

    Hello Jemima2. Unfortunately, Alnwick Gardens don't participate in the 2 for 1 scheme, so aren't featured in the 2011/2012 Guide. I've sent you a direct message about the list, so please check the 'My messages' link from the dropdown menu.



  • Dolly2Dolly2 Posts: 1


    Could I also have the list for the 2 for 1  gardens scheme,  it would be much more helpful if it was available on the site until the offer closes in  April 2012

  • Daniel HaynesDaniel Haynes Posts: 393 admin

    Hello Dolly2, please drop us a line at [email protected], including your address, and we'll post a 2011 guide out to you.



  • MelliMelli Posts: 1

    Hi Daniel,

    Would you please tell me if Gardeners World will be doing the "two for one" gardens offer this coming year(2012/13 season?).

    Fingers crossed as it has usually come out by now and makes it the only affordable option for my family on our yearly outings. It has given us hope when things have been so very hard. Thank you image 

    Best regards Melanie

  • Hello Melli,

    The 2for1 entry offer will be in the May issue of Gardeners' World Magazine.


    Emma team

  • Linda10Linda10 Posts: 1

    Yet another question about the list of 2 for 1 entry. is the 'message' sent to individuals or is it on the GW site somewhere--if sent as individual replies can you send it to me please--regards--Linda

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