Used Ericaceous Soil

I have repotted a rhododendron and have two bags of used ericaceous compost. I often put used compost on the garden. Can I do this with ericaceous compost or will it harm the plants already thriving in non lime free soil/compost?


  • Spreading it around the garden will not alter the ph a great deal or permanently. It will add bulk to the soil which will help with moisture retention and if its deep enough, weed suppression. Spread away!

  • Verdun you know a lot of stuff how long you been gardening

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    Since he was in nappies Susan....image

  • Very experienced then ha ha

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    Thanks, Daintiness.  I can't bring myself to just discard it so I will now put it on my borders.  Sorry if you get this twice - I wasn't signed in the first time I tried!!

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    Verd  imageimage

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