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Talkback: Collecting fallen leaves

I haven’t got enough room in my garden for a leaf heap so I put mine into plastic bin bags and it works very well. The results I get do wonders for my garden and it feels and smells just wonderful.


  • That is so like the sort of thing I say, Pippa – “I was tempted to go into the garden rather than do any work”. Many people think gardening too much work but not we aficionadoes who regard it as a pleasure. The sudden wind we had in Bristol yesterday robbed me of some of my leaf mould raw ingredients but, as you say, there are lots to come. The oak trees have not started yet.
  • Well, in my front garden (North Derbyshire) I have 3 daffodils in flower! Is this a record?
  • I enjoy picking up the leaves in my garden. I don,t rake much as i get grass and other debris in it that way.I have made leaf mould for a couple of years now. I don’t have a big garden but usually manage a couple of black sacks.

    My star of bethlehem is still out( from June).
  • I’ve had a primrose, forsythia and winter jasmine flowering since November. Seasons have seemed rather confused this year!
  • I have loads and loads of leaves, and less and less time – result, an orchard lawn full of moss! Whilst I agree that gardening is a pleasure, one must remember that in order to support a garden it is a prerequisite to go to work. I’ll try and get stuck in this Sunday, at the very least it’s good excersise.
  • And azaleas in flower in the garden and gorse in full bloom on the Pembrokeshire Coast path last weekend. There’ll be nothing left for spring!
  • I have bags and bags of leaf mould from last year and shreddings and a bin full of ‘ready’ compost too, so I have used the leaves as a mulch under the shrubs, and that should give good cover for hibernating creatures. I also had so many apples I have left some small ones on for the birds, and then when they are eaten I can cut up some of the stored ones. Blackbirds, fieldfares, thrushes and maybe the odd redwing love them.
  • I've often thought of collecting leaves from the road side as we get huge piles gathering from oak and beech trees but get put off by the thought of the traffic fumes affecting the resulting leaf mould.  We're only talking about a country road not a motorway so I suppose even if the leaves are polluted it's not going to be by a huge amount and if I don't use it in the veg garden it should be ok.

    We had sweet peas in flower right into November (North Derbyshire)

  • CazRCazR Posts: 2

    Having heard good things about making leaf mould in bin bags, each year we have lived in our current house I've made a mental note to collect the huge piles of leaves that collect on our front drive.  However, each year my husband, who isn't normally proactive when it comes to the garden, has got there first, cleared them all up and taken them down to the local tip......... and expects 'Brownie Points' for doing it aaarrgghhhimage

  • happymarionhappymarion Posts: 4,591

    Appeal to his pocket,CazR by telling him how much it costs to buy a bag of leaf mould.

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